What is the process of demolition?

The first step is to remove personal belongings from the deck. Then, we begin to cut portions of the deck. Once all of the deck is removed, we clean up the demo site to make sure all is clear of debris.

What should I do to prepare for my deck demo?

Remove personal property such as furniture and plants.

Do I need to be present during the demolition?

No, you will be notified with pictures of the completed work and pay after the work is completed.

How long will the demolition take?

This depends on the size of the deck. On average, 1-4 hours

Do I need a permit for the demolition?

You will need to check with your HOA, or city ordinances for this answer.

What are your prices?

Price is determined by Load size and weight. For an accurate estimate, we would need to see pictures or schedule an estimate in person.